Latest fitness posts

Training Tips From the Legend (and my gym inspo) Rick Waters

This week I went to train with Rick Waters. He’s a natural bodybuilding legend – to see his credentials and achievements read my last bl...

Why it’s never too late to make a start on your fitness or getting in shape!!!!

  I recently went on holiday to Italy with my parents. Before we went, I said to my mum “you should come in the gym with me every mor...

How to use the cables in a gym. Part 1 – Biceps and Triceps!

I LOVE cables!!! You can do nearly every body part on them! I use them within every work out! I do biceps, triceps, chest, stomach and back ...

Latest recipes

Vegan Chocolate “Cheesecakes”

This recipe would make enough for 4 small individual ones, or one large one. I made three as I used glass pots that are slightly bigger than...

Chocolate Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes

This is such a lovely dessert! It’s a tangy, gooey twist on a normal chocolate cheesecake! For this you will need egg poaching rings or yo...

Lactose free / Vegan Tiramisu Pots

Coffee chocolate pots!!!!!! For all you coffee and chocolate lovers! These are SO yummy and best of all, they’re actually healthy!! So no ...

Latest blog posts

Doing good deeds 24/2/2018

Last night I went with my friend Dave to give out Duvet coats and clothes to the homeless people of Chelmsford. It was upsetting, slightly s...

Missions, dead mice & prawn dicks… 22/2/2018

I’m on a mission. Today it was so cold I didn’t want to leave the house. It was one of those bitterly cold days where you just can’t w...

Stay Woke 20/2/1018

You’re either a capable person or you’re not. I’m a capable person. If something goes wrong I try to find a solution, if something bre...

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