Latest fitness posts

How I use supplements….. 7/4/2018

I get asked all the time how I use my own supplements so I’ve decided to write a blog detailing exactly how I use them each day. People of...

I turn 40 this year & I’m still in great shape – here’s WHY…. 13/3/2018

In light of these recent “fake” celeb DVD scandals, I want to talk to you about how I am turning 40 this year and I am STILL in the best...

Training Tips From the Legend (and my gym inspo) Rick Waters

This week I went to train with Rick Waters. He’s a natural bodybuilding legend – to see his credentials and achievements read my last bl...

Latest recipes

Banoffee Eton Mess

Make no mistake; this is the BEST dessert you will ever taste in your life! The photos do NOT do justice to how good it tastes. It’s proba...

Vegan Chocolate “Cheesecakes”

This recipe would make enough for 4 small individual ones, or one large one. I made three as I used glass pots that are slightly bigger than...

Chocolate Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes

This is such a lovely dessert! It’s a tangy, gooey twist on a normal chocolate cheesecake! For this you will need egg poaching rings or yo...

Latest blog posts

London Marathon, Tina, Rats and creepy stalkers!!!!!!! 19/4/2018

Last night we went to what was only the second night of the musical Tina in London about Tina Turner. On the opening night, which was the wo...

Behind the Scenes on a Naked photo shoot. WATCH MY NIPPLES!

People always assume that doing a photo shoot for a Lad’s mag is really sexy and glamorous. This can sometimes be the case. I mean; gettin...

How to wake up happier and what it’s really like behind the scenes on a film shoot! 15/4/2018

Driving home from an amazing night at Boisdale last night, my friend and I were chatting in the car about how we always feel so happy and po...

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