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How I use supplements….. 7/4/2018

I get asked all the time how I use my own supplements so I’ve decided to write a blog detailing exactly how I use them each day. People often ask when they should use them too and if certain supps can be used together so I’m going to make it really easy for you and get it all down here:

The capsules I use every day are: Tonex, Neptox, Hebex and JFLEX. I take these all together with a meal and a whole glass of water.


Tonex is a fat burner with no stimulant so is perfect for those with a caffeine intolerance.


Neptox is my product that helps IBS and bloating. I don’t have IBS but it’s such an amazing product which helps with digestion and cleansing your insides that I take it every day anyway as I believe it helps me anyway (with bloating and also gut health).


Hebex is my collagen tablet for flawless skin and it also helps your hair and nails grow quicker. Your body can actually use this collagen (unlike many others on the market) and my skin ALWAYS looks better for taking Hebex.


JFLEX is a powerful joint care, which helps me with recovery after a work out and overall well-being.

All four of these I take daily, no matter what! If you can’t swallow capsules then you can break them open and pour into a drink. They might not taste particularly nice but they do the job and it’s a way of getting them in your system!

The other products that I use either daily or as and when I need them are Semtex, JDIET, JMEAL and JVEGAN. I do tend to have at least one protein shake a day (either JDIET, JMEAL or JVEGAN) simply because I don’t get enough protein in my diet otherwise. I don’t think most people get enough protein (even meat eaters!) and I honestly believe protein is like a miracle elixir. Protein repairs tissue, but not just muscle tissue; ALL tissue, so that means it’s constantly working to repair your body. With so much over-processed food and bad quality meat on the market nowadays, I feel like protein shakes have become an essential part of a healthy diet now. For me, certainly, they are vital to my general health and nutrition. Of course, as a veggie I could get protein from nuts, chia seeds and even broccoli but the amount of it I’d have to eat to get the same quantity I’d get from a shake is just silly. Protein shakes ensure that my body is getting what it needs, whether I’m training or not. I literally couldn’t live without them!


Semtex is a fat burner with added stimulants for energy. I use this before any physical activity. Normally I would use it before a work out but if I’m not doing a work out one day, I might take it before say, housework or gardening or walking the dogs. Basically it works with any form of exercise as it’s thermogenic so it heats up your core and helps you to burn fat twice as fast. It also makes you feel stronger and allows you to exercise/work for longer with ease. An hour in the gym or an hour of gardening feels like 5 minutes when you’re on Semtex. Days that I take Semtex, I would still take Tonex as well as all the other capsules mentioned above. I wouldn’t take Semtex after about 5pm at night as it might keep you awake due to it giving you so much energy. I have sometimes used Semtex during that horrible afternoon lull (around 3pm) when I suddenly feel so tired that I might fall asleep. It wakes me up and gives me the energy to carry on.


I would have a JDIET shake either before or after the gym OR as a snack instead of something naughty as JDIET kills sweet cravings. So, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or some biscuits, I’d have a JDIET shake. It’s also got added fat burners in it and is a diet protein shake. I would sometimes have two a day, depending on what I was doing. For example, I might have one in the morning after a work out and then another in the afternoon when I suddenly fancy something sweet. All the flavours of JDIET are amazing but my personal favourite is the Cappuccino flavour as it tastes like an iced sweet coffee. You can also mix it up by making the shake in your shaker, pouring it into a mug and heating it in the microwave for 2 mins so you have a hot cappuccino or a hot white chocolate shake. JDIET is a fab shake to have when you’re either trying to lose weight or you’re recovering from a hard work out. You can also put a scoop into a bowl and mix with a little water to create a dessert-type consistency (much like the old Angel Delight or a mousse) and then add berries, banana, granola or whatever you fancy. This then becomes a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack and it tastes amazing! You don’t need to mix JDIET with milk for it to taste amazing; I only ever mix my shakes with water. They are so creamy and rich (even with water) but of course you can use milk or almond or soy milk or whatever you fancy to make them. You can also use JDIET to make protein pancakes and all manner of baked protein recipes (like brownies and cakes). For pancakes, you simply mix some powder in a shaker with water and add eggs and that’s your batter! I used to make protein pancakes all the time as they’re so good for you and wont’ make you put on weight. I also make a mean healthy chocolate sauce simply using raw cacao powder, coconut oil and maple syrup heated gently on the stove. It’s divine on the protein pancakes!


JMEAL is my amazing meal replacement. It’s a fully compliant meal replacement and is full of protein, vitamins and minerals. I use JMEAL when I’ve had a few days of eating like a pig and I want a health-kick and to lose a few pounds. I would then have a JMEAL shake for breakfast, one for lunch and then a normal dinner. Some people use it for a few weeks at a time for fast weight loss. A friend of mine lost two and a half stone using JMEAL (just by having it for breakfast and lunch and then a normal dinner with his only snacks being a JDIET shake). Again, as with JDIET, I only mix JMEAL with water but you can use any type of milk that you prefer. It’s very filling and all the flavours are amazing. As with JDIET you can also make the dessert type mousse with JMEAL and add other fruit, nut, seed or granola toppings! Also, you can mix both JDIET and JMEAL with fat free yoghurt in a bowl to make an even thicker “dessert” or mousse. Likewise you can heat it up after making a shake and have it as a hot drink (I especially recommend doing this with the mint chocolate flavour). JMEAL is fab because it contains all the things your body needs and it’s so quick to make; you literally put it in a shaker with water and you can have it on the go. I very often make one and run out the door, taking it with me if I’ve got a busy day, as I know that I’m getting all my vitamins etc when I drink it and it fills me up.


JVEGAN is my vegan protein shake. It can be used exactly the same way as JDIET and JMEAL. Either as a shake or a mousse in a bowl. It’s not a fully compliant meal replacement but if you add some banana, granola etc then you can get even more nutrition into your diet whilst getting a huge protein hit. It is also a source of fibre and does contain amazing ingredients like Flaxseed, broccoli sprout and vitamins including; iron, zinc, Vit B12 & Vit A! I spent a year taste-testing vegan shakes until we came up with one I was happy with. Mostly vegan shakes taste awful but I genuinely like mine (I should do after a year of tweaking!!). It can be made using water, soy milk, almond milk etc.

So there you have it. I really do use all my own products and I swear by them. They’re the highest quality on the market and I used all my own products to become the INBF Champion of America too! I took them all out to the USA with me when I was in training for my comp and I was basically the guinea pig for them before they went on sale. I won and came home with the trophy and the knowledge that yes, they really do work!! We’ve been going for 6 years this year and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far. I’m proud of how many people we’ve helped to lose weight, how many we’ve inspired to get fit and healthy, how many we’ve inspired to join a gym or even go for a walk! I’m immensely proud of how many people have achieved their weight loss goals using my products and I’m SO happy with how many people with IBS are no longer suffering since using Neptox! Never in a million years did I think this would be so life-changing for so many when I first started out! Thank you to all my customers so far and hello to all my new ones! I’m still here on this journey with you and as I get older and slower and the stiffness starts to set in, you’ll maybe have to start encouraging ME to carry on (As long as I remember to keep taking my JFLEX I shouldn’t get stiff anyway!) haha. Love you all x x x (see pics below for recipe ideas and food of the Gods)……

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