Betsy Dress Purple 8-18

£45.00 £25.00



Jodie says: “I loved this dress on the hanger but then I put it on and OMG!!!! This dress hugs you and makes you look amazing! It’s pure class! I would wear this to a wedding, a work event, a party or a restaurant! It’s like THE perfect dress! There’s hardly any flesh on show and yet it manages to still look sexy as well as cute AND sophisticated! I feel like a power woman in this dress! It’s honestly beautiful. The material is quite thick so it seems to hold you in. I would also wear this vintage-style with my hair in a victory roll and bright red lips and shoes! For me, this is the ultimate pin-up dress! It almost has a 1940’s feel to it and I just adore everything about it!!!!!!!!! It also comes in green and wine!”

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