Franklin Pink 8-12

£65.00 £35.00



This dress is our favourite new thing!!! Jodie says: “This dress is absolutely stunning. I have 34GG boobs and I only just squished them in. I definitely think this dress is better suited to someone with a smaller chest than me. It totally depends on whether you want to squish them in or not. As you can see, I DID get mine in and I don’t mind wearing it like this but if you don’t want to squash you big jugs into it then it’s not for you! It would be perfect for anyone with a smaller bust than me! I love that from the front it’s a sexy cut-out dress but from the back it looks like a two piece top and skirt. I LOVE the full pleated skirt on it and I feel really sexy and feminine in it. It has two zips; one on the top half at the back and one on the skirt at the back. I needed help zipping it up on the top half as I needed to hike my boobs up into place and then have my mum zip it up for me. The arms are three-quarter length and not full length. I really do think this dress is perfect for anyone who wants a classy and gorgeous dress but who wants an edge and has balls. I will definitely be wearing all three colours this summer!”
It also comes in cream and black….

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